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Bringing To Life The Germ Theory To Germ Therapy Perodyme: An Educational Decision Tree Employing Therapeutic Bacteria (Probiotics)

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OVERALL, The Tables are listed in chronological order, I –VII, with  Tables I-III describing the Medical/Dental(Oral) condition and probiotic options,   facilitating selection of 11  conditions or diseases with sub sets  ( Table I),  first  , followed by the  commercial probiotic product or products (Table II) reported in the literature to have studied this potential application (21). The actual names of the  living microbes or combinations in the commercial  probiotic product  are listed in Table III. (23)

Tables IV-VII describe the  scientific evidence of 310 manuscripts  to support the application (Evidence Based) addressing first,  a brief general overview of the published research and it's  goals (Table IV),  the title and authors and Journal (Table V),  the type of research (Table VI) and our evaluation of the Study Strength using international criteria ( Table VII).   

310 manuscripts were initially reviewed focusing on general medical conditions and oral health , recognizing that much  success has been demonstrated in periodontal disease management with a huge reservoir of manuscripts for this topic,  alone.

We will update on a monthly basis  new published manuscripts.

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Shortly, we will highlight 1) the use of fecal transplant options( MAXI Probiotics) given that C difficle is such a concern and new guidelines are evolving, and 2) use of probiotics in chronic wound care, an extension  of our work with oral and endodontic probiotics and a focus of our present research.

Ultimately our goal is to highlight the HOLOGENOMIC Concept or DUAL CITIZENSHIP  and reinforce the symbiotic relationship of beneficial microbes with our HOST.  

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Published Guidelines Courtesy of Dr Robert Martinsdale, Oregan Health Sysem 


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