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Culture Plate Gang Puppets

a petry dish showing head shot of professor thomas, and three of his puppets.

"The Culture Plate Gang with Team Thomas employed puppets as a unique lecturing device on an educational topic."

About the Gang

A Worldly/Global Educational Team, each with specific topics, chosen carefully to reflect the theme and knowledge of the important pathogenic Microbial World and Prof Thomas' Translational Research, where "Image is Everything". These are designed to delight while educating, recognizing that learning should be fun, entertaining and enjoyable, while carrying a serious message. They areresponsive to audience composition and education, being helpful to any age group from hospital setting to nursing home, to children, to academic classroom, national or international.

This concept was created by Prof Thomas as an adjunct to his energetic style, reflective of his 50 years of experience and international travel. They are a growing Team, recognizing the ever changing microbial world and its importance in the Concept of One health: Humans, Earth and Animals. Future additions to include "Harry Herpes" and "Ellen Ebola", adding to the most recent additions of "Infection Control/Prevention Sally" and "Louis Pasteur", The Father of Microbiology.

Meet my new Team

The original Culture Plate Gang with description of clinical importance and message include:

Biofilm  Bradford

Biofilm Bradford

Planktonic Phyllis

Planktonic Phyllis

Resistant Rachel and Cat Scan

Resistant Rachel and Cat Scan

Probiotic Buster

Probiotic Buster

Infection Control Claire

Infection Control Claire


"Candy" Candida

Historical Loius

Dr. Louis Pasteur - Historical Louis

Vicki Virology

Vicki Virology


Diseases /Symptoms

Marko Polo

Marko / Polo

Explains the new Hologenomic Theory of Co-Evolution between microbes (MARKO) and Humans (POLO), highlighting our “DUAL CITIZENSHIP”. And promoting our 2 themes, “Microbes Matter” and “Don’t Trash your Microbiota”.



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