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Over 51 years Dr Thomas created various support groups and educational opportunities focusing on students, professionals and the public.

  1. TIIMS. With Michael Dual and ……, created TIIMS circa 1975 , Truly Interested in Microbiology, a Cleveland Based microbiology monthly meeting continuing today focused on clinical laboratory issues .
  2. HERPES Support Group: Akron, Canton and Younstown,OH. Started in 1978 a regional support group monthly meeting to promote understanding and opportunities for life style commitment in dealing with the STD, called the "scarlet Letter" prior to HIV. A reflection of his PhD research in intervention of HSV infections .
  3. SCACM(South Central Association for Clinical Microbiology). Brought West Virginia into an existing Microbiology 8 state Regional Society in 1984 providing additional educational opportunities for West Virginia microbiologist professionals which continues today.
  4. West Virginia Annual Microbiology Workshop. In 1992 Dr Thomas created the bi annual Workshop, Spring and Fall, to attract international Speakers and Laboratoriens to address new technologies and disease management , attracting microbiologist from 8 states and the East Coast region. It ended, unfortunately, when Dr Thomas retired from WVU in 2013 after 23 years.
Key Terms and Concepts

Developed by Dr,  Thomas to unmask significance of  findinsg's and application, often in discussion with colleagues at mid night.

  1. "Anti-Koch/Anti-Darwin" better describe todays multi-species chronic infections
  2. A Biofilm is a 'prokaryotic tumor' and or human solid tumor is a 'eukaryotic biofilm' better predicts intervention .
  3. A Wound is a "tooth-less" periodontal pocket unmasks the potential of probiotic intervention and common disease pathways persistence : MMPs
  4. Biofilm Stages (I-IV) promote the link to eukaryotic tumors and observations , where like viruses, "structure =function" for biofilms
  5. "You are not what you eat, rather you are what your bugs eat" recognizes the emerging clarification of the importance of the GUT microbiota .
  6. Probiotic selection is like a "rubics cube", difficult to master unless Rx employs similar Dx/Dy pharmacy antibiotic dosing , matching selection with our Microbial Clock. No health Care Provider would tell a patient to take an "antibiotic", any one would do ?
  7. The 'Fountain of Youth' sought by explorer Poncedelone was as close as his rectum.
  8. "Dual Citizenship" elevates the importance of the human microbiota including eukaryotic training and host modulation, and unmasks the untoward consequences of antibiotic therapy, especially early in life.
  9. A Gauze covering with or without silver will promote biofilm colonization in wound dressings, initiating the "ping-pong Hypothesis " that describes the cyclical re-incoculation of wound bed via planktonic bacteria form Gauze.
  10. "Migratory Oral flora" defines the impact of oral health on ETT lumen inclusion at 100% in VAP and unmasks the importance of fungi in the ETT surface biofilm multi species structure, Candida species being the "Universal Co-Aggregate" initially residing as a primary cause of caries.
  11. The concept of probiotics originally recognized in 1880s has expanded to include A) "Predatory" and B "Homing" probiotics , today called "Therapeutic Bacteria" with medical applications much broader than recognized .
Recent Publications

Riccardo Pencariroli, et al. Endotracheal Tubes Cleaned with a Novel Mechanism for Secretion Removal: A Randomized Controlled Clinical Study. 2015.

Cristina Mielto, et al. Targeting Obstruction in Mechanically Vented Patients Assessed by High Resolution Computed Tomography. 2014.

John G Thomas, MS, PhD, and Khaled S Seifelnasr, BDS, DDS. Maximizing Clinical Benefits of Probiotics: Matching Metagenomics, Patient Age and Microbial Composition. 2013:Dec 1. Oral Health.

Accepted Abstracts

Aging and the Microbial Clock
Washington ,DC, Nov, International Conf on Aging

National and International studies in 2007/8 unmasked the hidden microbial world of Homo sapiens and the partnering of pro-caryotes and eucaryotes,  coining the new Term "Super Organism"  . Additional studies highlighted the importance of this balance in disease and health , better characterized by a phyla -signature than individual species . An "Anti-Koch " theme emerged that recognized 6 Phyla versus 10,000 species in H. sapiens ,representing 8,000,000 genes,  more than 230 times that of human cells and genetic strength  . 

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Constructing a Decesion Analysis Tree for Probiotic Information
New Orleans, May,Annual Meeting ASM

Here, we focus on Phase I of B2H development, creating an interactive, web-based database with a graded, searchable library for Health Care Providers (HCP) populated by current literature as a tool for evidence based decision support.

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NIH Biosketch References

Certified (American Board of Bioanalysis, ABB) Clinical microbiologist for 45 yrs with hospital laboratory direction (WVUH) and global teaching experience (emphasizing UK/Europe and Asia Pacific), highlighted by Sabbatical at Cardiff University, Wales, UK, updating microbial  molecular detection and tissue engineering methods, focusing on biofilms, VAP and chronic wounds.

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