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"We Live in a Microbial World (Mostly Biofilm)." - John G Thomas PhD, Professor Emeritus

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My three complementary careers have focused on academic medicine and dentistry, invigorated by clinical microbiology, but driven recently by a growing appreciation of the interdependence of our microbial worlds on three reservoirs:  GLOBE, HUMANS, ANIMALS.

Global warming and multi-drug resistance (MDR) are but two arenas that have highlighted this partnership and why we have highlighted probiotics (Therapeutic Bacteria) our Partners-4-Life (P-4-L) theme, executed by our Bac-2-Health (B-2-H) 'decision tree' educational tool, whether it be in Career 1, Education, Career 2, Public Health or Career 3, Translational Research.

My career has three facades: "Education / Mentoring / Virtual Microbiology", "Patient / Public Health / Laboratory / Tools", and "Translational Research" represented by the triangle below.

The triangle is an interactive construct which can be expored to learn more about my various career offerings. If scripting is not an option there is also a version to accomodate you as well.

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Education / Mentoring / Virtual Microbiology

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Professor Thomas has traveled a unique academic career path involving clinical microbiology in laboratory medicine at selected medical and dental institutions including Northeast Ohio University College of Medicine, Rutgers University and West Virginia University (WVU), nationally; and, internationally, National University of Singapore (NUS) and Cardiff University, Cardiff, Wales UK (sabbatical).

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Patient / Public Health / Laboratory / Tools

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Dr. Thomas has been a clinical microbiologist since 1969, initiating his laboratory medicine passion as Captain, US Army, Medical Service Corp (MSC), Presidio, CA.

Dr. Thomas has been a strong advocate of "thinking outside the box", while designing and interpreting new laboratory strategies to complement the rapidly evolving world of molecular diagnostics, highlighting the transition from traditional to nontraditional (molecular) methods (culture-OMICs).  This has emphasized virology (his topic of PhD studies), more recently 'outcomes studies' and down-stream benefits of bioinformatics, fashioned to unmask the trends in the human microbiota, a "phyla-based" disease management, incorporating "restorative microbiology" (probiotics).

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Translational Research

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Biofilms (anti-Koch) or 'sociomicrobiology' has been the core of Dr. Thomas's student-driven translational research since 2000, linking, initially, migrating oral microbiota with ventilator-associated pneumonia (VAP), studied with his design of a closed VEL (Ventilator-Endotrach-Lung) model establishing the lumen of endotrachs as a key reservoir in 1) air way occlusion and 2) lung inoculation in VAP/VAC.

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