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John  G. Thomas PhD , Professor Emeritus

Interview with Dr Thomas and National Ski Patrol

Professor Emeritus  John G. Thomas, PhD, is recognized as an “International Educator  and Global Microbiologist “ (www.globalbugs.com) having lectured  in more than  43 countries while  a clinical microbiologist in pathology (Professor),  dentistry (Clinical Professor) and Graduate School Education (Adjunct Professor) for 54 years ,  his research emphasizing   biofilms and medical devices.  He has recently focused upon micro 3-D- bio Printing of contour fitting gauzes using bio-plastics and unique Prebiotics with Therapeutic Bacteria (Beneficial Bacteria) for chronic wound intervention (SMarT Gauze); this integrates a common pathway, visualized through his ‘Microbial Clock’ and recently created Center of Hologenomic Clinical Studies (www.globalbugs.com/Hologenomic Center) which underscores a “Dual Citizenship” and co evolution of symbiotic microbes and human ecosystems. “Microbes Matter”.  His Probiotic Solutions integrates Computer Decision Support for Probiotic (Beneficial Bacteria) Guidelines combining AI, Artificial Intelligence and Precision Medicine, expanded recently to emphasize Chronic Wound Care and Aging, hypothesized now as a disease.

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Key Points/Benchmarks, A-F

  1. Detection / Recovery (Culture – OMICs)
  2. Biofilms and Oral health: The 3 M’s
  3. Migratory Oral Microbiota and Diseases beyond The Mouth emphasizing Candida albicans and auris (Mycobiota)
  4. Intervention and Management
  5. Restorative Microbology and “Nutraceuticals”. PROBIOTICS
  6. Linking Probiotis and the Hologenomic Theory of Evolution

Center of Excellence in Biofilm Research

The Center of Excellence in Biofilm Research (CEBR) is an innovative research environment. Working in close collaboration with clinicians and Carnegie Mellon faculty, the CEBR fosters the development of surgeon-scientists, physician-scientists, and biomedical researchers by actively working to develop partnerships among teams of individuals with diverse scientific, clinical, computational, and engineering backgrounds.

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Global Experience

Dr. Thomas is an energetic international/global microbiologist recognizing his far-ranging academic appointments at Cardiff University, Wales, UK and NUS (National University of Singapore), compared to Northeast Ohio University College of Medicine (NEOUCOM), Rutgers University and WVU, nationally.  Dr. Thomas has often traveled more than 30,000 miles/year, often outside of the US, most recently focusing on Asia Pacific, China and Australia/New Zealand, addressing a diverse audience of more than 3,000 scientists, physicians, dentists, nurses and public health practitioners/year.  Locations in his 43-country lectures/workshops/ research initiatives have included Cancun, Mexico; Wuhan, China; Manila, Philippines; Brisbane and Adelaide, Australia; Tokyo, Japan; Mumbai, India; Cheshire, England; Glasgow and Edinburgh, Scotland; Stockholm, Sweden; United Emirates and multiple locations within the UK during his 6-month sabbatical at Cardiff University.

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